This guy is confusing me pls help?

Long story short, I went out with this guy from my work twice. We were texting and he started to go quiet for days. Then my work had a Christmas party and I thought he d talk to me then, but he ignored me the entire time. I left the party, and wanted to end this, so I texted him straight up if he saw this going anywhere. He said he didn t think so because I was going off to school in a few months an hour away and didn t want to deal with the distance. He also said something stupid about not wanting to date fellow employees. I just took it as the truth and we agreed to just be friends. And we again went quiet with the texting (which I expected). Yesterday he texted me "happy new year!" And I don t know how, but we texted for 3-4 hours into the morning. Nothing sexual at all was said, just playful jokes and stupid conversation. He called me cute too. He wasn t drunk, so I guess you could say it was flirting. I have no idea what this guy wants. I m really confused. Any suggestions?


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  • Friends. He said it clearly he doesn't want the distance with you in school hun

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