Female friend setting me up with her friend, now she's not interested?

She's been bugging her friend for months to meet me, so now I finally try and set something up and she doesn't respond. wtf?


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  • Well, perhaps her friend is with someone now? Or maybe the friend isn't interested because she's asked so many times and you ignored her?

    Sometimes people get tired of trying.

    • I was waiting on her and her other friend to set up something like they kept saying they were going to do.

    • That's frustrating! I would move on then. Don't wait for people who are flaky like that.

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  • Maybe it was a test.

    • for what?

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    • Sometimes things change. She may have met someone. Who knows.

    • I give up women are just plain crazy.

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  • Maybe she didn't want to be set up by her friend.

    • She was the one bugging her friend.

    • Oh, I thought you meant that the friend talked you into it and then talked her into it... but yeah weird if she has asked her friend to set you up with her and then didn't respond. If it took too long for you to arrange someyhing then maybe she just moved on (just a guess)

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