This is weird... (Crush) Any opinions?

We only speak 1x per week, she doesn't prefer talk by sms, i also don't mind she have her freedom. I was on internship in school and her class lacked all, she came to see me and stayed up until she could

There was a class where the teacher is it is my mentor on my internship and she asked if she could attend classes he took (my class). He asked why, she said: "Is because of the Francisco (wich is me) :) "

Then he ask (my mentor): why are you both in relationship? She just smiled. Did not say yes either no.

On Christmas week i made her a present, butter cookies with chocolate chips and i wrote her on paper saying: "Merry Christmas! When you are tasting this cookies, i know you're thinking on me the same way i'm thinking on you." and "Buy something is easy. But do.. I do all for you."

eu perguntei queres combinar onde? Ela disse logo um lugar em que nós vimos, entrámos e lancha-mos, eu paguei-lhe o lanche dela, e depois perguntou: queres ir dar uma volta? E a que horas tens que estar em casa? Eu disse só às 7

I asked her where you wanna meet to give you your present? She said immediatly place wich we had lunch together. I paid her lunch and after that she asked: Want go for a walk and What time you have to be at home? I said: At 7 PM

We went for the walk and when we got her home i gaver her the present, she opened immediatly and say: That's cute!! Give me a hug and kiss.

She said the cookies were amazing and very good, i asked her if she read the paper i gave her aswell.

She replied: "Yes and Thank you for everything. <3 Merry Christmas Francisco. :)"

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She also said she would buy my Christmas present and say something about New Year's Eve (Wich we talked during our walk and eventualy i ended up be the one asking if she knows anything already..)

On New Year's Eve, me + her + one of my best friends + friend of her class meeted up all for the New Year, we saw the fireworks and when her friend and my best friend went bit in front of us i asked a kiss on my cheek, she we was really close to my cheek i turned my face to give on the mounth,
well.. i think i got on lip corner but she could dodge it, she immediatly said: "did not manage to!!" then i said: You really want me to do it? she said: noo... (Not sure if was joking or serious) after that i reacted completly normal like nothing happened and i did not try give her another one because i gave her space and respect, and sended her text message yesterday morning saying: "As a way of my words being nailed for posterity, i send you these words:


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