Female Friends?

My boyfriend has hung out with 3 of his female friends twice this week. Ik the girls but haven't seen or talked to them since middle school (were in 12th grade). I don't really suspect anything is going on but since ik them why doesn't he invite me? When I bring up the topic he gets upset that I would accuse of something like that. He has a lot of female friends period, they call and text him sometimes, even when he's with me and he answers. I'm starting to feel some type of way that I don't like, what does all of this mean?


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  • It's hard to say, but you sound perinoid. If he ignores you to text people period, that is disrespectful though.

    My advice is to ask some girl friends what they think, if he's know to be a player or it's just how he rolls. Then you need to decide if you can accept what he's doing (which could be innocent or not). If things that your boyfriend does make you paranoid and nervous and they can't be worked out, the relationship isn't going to work. Good luck!

  • it's his friends and his life. he doesn't have to include you in everything he does.


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