Girls, Asian, Latino or white women, how do you feel about black men?

I'm Jamaican American born in New York and I'm only 25. I haven't dated anyone yet. I
Walk around in Union Square and seen beautiful women of different ethnicities with
Men who are usually white, tall and attractive. I bet their not even rich. When it comes to standard of men , they always want a guy that tall, rich and handsome, but it seems that it doesn't requires white men to met these standards since they can easily get women. When it comes to black men
, they have to met the requirements to get a attractive girlfriend, why is that? Am I at a disadvantage because of my race and skin color especially in the like America? I'm only
5'7 and weight 177 lbs. I tried to approach women but they seem to give me a cold shoulder. The races that I mention , are you naturally racist to black men especially when it comes to dating?


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  • I thing your poor grammar puts you in a disadvantage.

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