Guys, would you find it weird if a girl you use to date sent you a caring message?

You and this girl didn't end on bad terms you both wanted the same thing you just weren't ready for it at that moment so you went your separate ways but thought highly of each other.
She sends you a message saying she's noticed you weren't yourself and offered an ear should you ever need to talk and then wished you well and a happy new year. There may not have been anything wrong with you but she sent it anyway just incase.

How do you take it?

  • What a caring message and so nice of her
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  • How annoying don't message me
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By the way this is a girl you were seeing, she isn't an ex because she wasn't your girlfriend just a girl you were seeing for a few months but you decided you weren't ready for a relationship because of stuff going on


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  • For one ex if its not an apology she can piss off.

    For the other its sweet but after everything you said and did, I can't tell if you are being genuine or eating me more bullshit.

    That 40 year from earlier in the summer, what's up. How are the kids

    Kim, piss off.


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  • I don't think weird is the right word, I'd just think she was trying to get back with me (if it was out of the blue). If we were the kind of exes who talked all the time, then maybe not so much, but I don't really have any exes like that. I like to move on and learn from it in a way, I know that sounds bad, but some people are just not healthy to be around.

  • that just sounds kinda obnoxious. usually when i text someone or someone texts me (unless it's a group message), i sorta expect a conversation.

  • If we didn't end on bad terms and there was something up which was slightly serious then maybe I'd find it a nice gesture. Otherwise if it was just a one off, I'm not so sure, maybe like a it's nice you noticed but I'm fine kinda thing.

  • I like to keep EX girlfriends in the past

    • What if she wasn't an ex girlfriend? Just a girl you were seeing for a awhile but decided because of things happening in your life that you weren't ready for a relationship

    • That's fine then