When to define the relationship?

I've been dating this guy for 5 weeks now... And we've hung out 5 times (each date lasting 6+ hours).

he's 22 and I'm 19 and he decided that we should wait to have sex.
He holds my hand and is really huggy and cuddly. And also invited me to his aunts Christmas cookie party.

However he's never been a texter and barely ever texts me.. And sometimes I wonder if he is really into me

Should I tell him how I feel? And ask if we are slightly more than just friends?

I'm not asking to be serious but I don't want to put effort into a relationship where the guy may not be as into me.


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  • You haven't really said to us how you feel about him. it seems like he may not know either and is playing it safe by taking it slow. It's always good to communicate well with those you are with... and us. So How DO you feel about him?

  • I wouldn't rush into anything or bring it up super suddenly. Maybe if you still aren't sure in another week or so, then bring it up. Maybe he isn't sure himself and is waiting for you to decide.. but especially if you like him you should bring it up, or cut it off if you're not willing to continue

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