There are two girls that I like. Both have major pros and cons and I just don't know what to do anymore?

ok so I'm a senior in high school and girl number 1 is in my grade. I talk to her in school and it seams that she likes me. But whenever i try to set something up she always backs down which is starting to get really annoying. I'm also nervous about her because she is kinda known to be a slut and i have no sex drive at all. Not wanting to have sex is how girl number two fits into this. She's in 8th grade (13) and she rides my bus. Sometimes i sit with her and she's super nice, funny and smart. She had a boyfriend but they broke up. I have not told her i like her and i have no idea how i should go about that because she's 13 and I'm afraid that she will think i just want her for sex. Which is not the case i will assure you. Who sounds better for me girl 1 or girl 2 and how should i go about telling girl 2 that i like her?


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  • If you're a senior, I would definitely not date an 8th grader...
    Also you should try sex, it's fun

    • i do not want to try sex because i don't feel like it's necessary. I am thinking more and more about going with the 8th grader. Trust me if you me and her I think you would know why I like her. And I'm fine with watching a movie and cuddling. That's all i need.

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    • I wouldn't date someone that young. I was talking about the girl in your grade. It seems like you have your mind set on a girl 4 grades below you, so I wish you the best.

    • The girl in my grade is kinda a slut and I'm being serious about not wanting sex. The 13 year old is nicer than most if not all of the girls in my grade and i just think that she's right for me

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