How can I help her tell her parents?

Me and my girlfriend have been dating for just over six months now. Our relationship is realy strong. We have had some pretty traumatic experiences that the two of us have faced together. And we have gotten realy close, and We are both realy happy together. The only problem is that her parents don't know about me. My parents know about her, infact she talks to my mom via text all the time. But her parents don't even have the slightest hint that I exist. She has said that she wishes she could tell them. But every time she brings it up they shut the conversation down. She is getting realy stressed over the whole thing, and that realy bothers me. I just don't know what to do.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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  • There are numerous ways to do this. You could write a letter, arrange a time to talk (the four of you), you could have her over your house and let her call to tell them. I don't know how they are, which sounds like they're strict to me, but maybe just letting your Significant Other know that you are there for her and you both could 'confront' her parents, it would help ease some stress. If they are going to cause a scene, I'd suggest a public place, so that way they can't react negatively and/or loudly. But if you are still unsure, just write a letter from the both of you. I hope this helped a bit.

    • I've thought about doing something similar to this (something like calling and asking to go out with her) , but I don't want to do anything behind her back. And her parents are very strict, she is afraid of them in a very bad way. she can't even text on the phone she pays for because of them.

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    • Thanks, it's much appreciated.

    • You're welcome. (:

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