Girls, Have you casually mentioned a "Boyfriend" to a random guy you ASSUMED was hitting on you , when he was only being friendly ?

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  • Yes, I have assumed many times and feel bad for doing that.
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  • No I haven't assumed. I casually mention a boyfriend when I am certain the guy is hitting on me.
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  • I casually mention a boyfriend to any random guy I meet.
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  • I casually mention a boyfriend, because I am attracted to the guy sexually and feel guilty.
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  • some other reason.
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  • It depends on the conversation, if he asked something that involved my day and I did see my boyfriend I don't see why I would avoid it.


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  • I have done it. I'll casually mention my boyfriend in conversation with many people and I don't feel bad about it even if I am doing it because I assume a guy is hitting on me because why should I feel bad about saying something about my boyfriend?

    • Thanks :)) Would you say it to a guy you were attracted to?

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    • why did you lie about a boyfriend?

    • There have been a few guys who have made me feel like they were trying to hit on me when I did not want them to. The easiest way to stop it is to casually mention a boyfriend. One of my best friends is a guy, so I can casually mention that I'm going out with him or something, and if they ask, I say he's my boyfriend. He knows I do it. Sometimes it feels necessary to get people to leave me alone.

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