What do people get by hurting someone?

Me nd this girl, dated for two months, on December 28 she disappeared, she just ended contacts in all ways, I got to know from her friend that's she's a bit sick, I waited 5 days, she didn't even text me one time neither replied, last night I said to her friend that tell her that Ali wanna talk to you, nd she said her friend to forbade me msging her,

We had no fights, in fact night of 27 Dec, we were up, till 2am to talk nd chat was full of love nd kisses nd then she was gone next day


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  • Wow, I'm sorry you had to experience that. I can't say why some people hurt others, it's not always intentional though. Sometimes things just happen that can hurt your partner even though you don't want to hurt them.

    In your situation though, that is intentional but that doesn't necessarily mean she wanted to hurt you. Maybe she just wanted to end things but wasn't sure how to say it so she opted for no contact instead. What she did was definitely wrong no matter what though. People who end relationships that way are probably too immature to be dating anyone in the first place.

    • She told me she loved a guy more than her life, he's a playboy, who got in relationship with her for 5 6 times nd then leave her every single time for someone else.. Maybe that fucker made a 7th return

    • Who knows, it's possible. If that's the case, then there isn't anything you can do anyway. It's sad for someone to keep going back to a bad relationship like that but until she wants to break that cycle, no one will be able to help her.

    • Yeah, she's destroying herself, he'll be doing same this time

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  • She may have met someone else, or decided to date someone else best way is to cut contact.

    • Yeah most probably, if there was something else she could've told me