Does He Like Me?

There is this guy i've liked for quite a while now. We have a complected relationship. I like him he knows i like him.

He acts different around his friends and tells them about me some good some bad. We tease each other and dislike one other if you know what i mean. I tend to act different around him and try to show out a bit but not a lot. There are moments when his friends are around and he thinks he can say or do what he wants. One time i was over his house and some of his friends thought it would be ok to throw a ball. See he acts different. When his friends are around he likes to avaggerte (sp) me but when they are not around he does the same thing but he also tends to not know im there. He dont nessecaryl (sp) have converstaions but we do have semi-talk here and there.

My only questions are:
1. Does he like me?
2. Do you think his freinds will disaprove?

I really like this guy please HELP!!

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  • Why the question mark on the poll😂


What Girls Said 1

  • I think you should focus on school! But lets just say he likes you... approach him! But honestly boys at 13 have no clue on relationship and they never last!

    • Thank you! School is my major priority right now, I'm not going to let some immature boy get in my head and mess up my studies and goals in life.

      The thing is I've always been scared to tell my feelings and I feel he is too. I am going over to his house Monday and Tuesday to hang with my god-brother. How should I bring up my feelings? I don't want to wait till the last minute!! I've have always tried to hide my feelings in when I first meet him but that didn't go so well. For him to 14 I think he should be a little mature but then again he is a boy.

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    • I dunno! just say something like i like you!

    • Alrighty...

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