He's not showing much interest anymore. Should I give it up?

I've had a friend with benefits for a little over half a year now but I've known him for a year through work. Well things were going great in the beginning but these past few months he's just hard to talk to anymore. But I can't tell if it's because he's busy or if he's just done with me. He has 2 jobs now and is also a single father so he's definitely busy as hell and I rarely see him because the company we were working for just wasn't my cup of tea and I changed jobs. But we still keep in touch through texting (almost every day) and, even though I don't see him often, I see him every now and then. Every time I do see him though, he seems excited to see me and we have good conversation and then (this happens EVERY time) the next few days he seems to be rejuvinated in wanting to keep contact so he'll text a lot more, just be in a happier mood and even call. But then it tapers off again and I just don't know if it's because he's done with this whatever you wanna call it. He's really bad with communication and I've confronted him a few times about it but he always just gets offended, it's hard to explain. Any suggestions? I'm feeling like I'm getting tired of all this waiting too. We haven't had actual sex in months. If we didn't sext each other it would be like we were reverting back to just friends.

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  • If he's not showing much interest he's not serious about you and doesn't like you as much as before