If he says he has strong feelings but randomly stops talking to me, what does that mean?

I've been talking to this guy for awhile now. A couple months. He's stopped talking to me before and he always comes back a few days to a week later saying he misses me. This time, he kept saying he has strong feelings for me and it scares him. But, yesterday, New Years day, he stopped speaking to me around 3 in the afternoon. And hasn't spoken a word to me sense. I don't want to jump to conclusions, and I never bother him at all when he does this. I've always learned not to chase them because it pushes them away and to let him come to me, he will when he's ready. I guess I'm. Just confused and concerned that I'm not the only one he says this to.


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  • Is he just a friend or a guy you are dating? 😊

    • He's a guy that I've been seeing. We aren't officially dating, but we've talked about it.

    • To be honest I was the same as the guy you're seeing. . I was seeing a guy but I kept pulling away because I liked him a hell of a lot more than I admitted to. I told him I had strong feelings for him, but I was actually falling for him. It scared me because I didn't want to get hurt.

      I would distance myself thinking my strong feelings would fade. I thought if my feelings faded I wouldn't feel so scared, but the pain I went through due to missing him overpowered the fear of being with him

      Maybe it's similar in his case. People usually pull away and act as though they are indecisive... not because they don't care , but they have a fear of getting hurt. If he's been hurtin the past he may be scared of ever going through that pain again, so remains guarded by distancing himself. Obviously he can't bare to be without you in his life because he keeps coming back.

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