How can I get my girlfriend to feel better?

Me and my girlfriend have been together for a week. I found out she has a 15 year old son. He said I remind him of his dad but he still hates me. I don't know why. She said his dad died when he was 2 he doesn't remember him. Me and her were in bed she felt sad she said this is not how she thought her life would be she thought she thought she would wait and get married then have kids but instead she had to have a kid who lost his dad and be raising him on her own she has had help from her cousin and her best friend. But she said it's not the same. It's really hard for her and him too. She said he'd be waiting for her to get home from school everyday then she would cuddle with him and watch her favorite shows or movies with him she really misses that. She and him were together for 8 years before he died. She's scared of something happening to me. She hasn't been feeling well she had a hard time sleeping last night. How can I comfort her?


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  • So... you are in your 20's (according to GaG), and if this woman has a 15 year old son and was with her partner for 6 years before her son was born, she must be at least 30. Or close to it. By now she's been a single parent for 13 years. She's had plenty of time to adjust. All she needs, really, is companionship & emotional support, just like in any other relationship. Let her know that you're there for her, and open up and have fun. Hopefully, she'll follow your lead. Her son will probably warm up to you eventually if you are treating his mom right.


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