Girls, is a guy who doesn't necessarily like clubbing and the music in clubs a turn off?

I am quite unconventional in many ways, at 18 I enjoy bars, talking playing pool, gym but also have a liking for whisky, cigars, pipes, I like to fly. I do love going out but more nice restaurants relaxed holidays and can be pretty romantic aswell but somehow when looking at this generation it seems it is more focused on clubbing etc not very photogenic either I mean I would think a girl would like to be with a guy they can show off in a way just like a guy would like to show off his amazing partner and another problem I have encountered is I don't tend to look great in pictures and after many pictures taken girls tend to give up taking selfies with me as I can't seem to look good in any of them. Sorry about this long description its just that all these things together which I don't really think are necessarily shallow have some sort of an effect on girls I meet, or maybe its just me over thinking things?
Finally I really respect women and I tend to only look for a girl I can have a long relationship with, alas I have never had a girlfriend and have fought through a lot of depression over the years and I just feel maybe I am not really 'in tune' with the generation I am apart of, I have even been told that I would easily pass as a middle aged man.


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  • I relate to you 100%. Clubbing has never been my thing, I'd much rather spend the night at home or out with someone I love at a more personal and relaxed level like restaurants like you mentioned. Most of my friends have always had a love for clubbing, drinking, staying out to the early hours of the morning and don't get me wrong I have taken part in such, but I don't find it that appealing. Also, taking selfies has never been a favourite pass time of mine as I feel that I don't particularly look as good as the other person. But that shouldn't matter when it comes to a relationship, the person I really like may not be someone else's taste but I don't care about that. If I think they're special and I really care about them, I want to show off my boyfriend and post photos with him and constantly hug him and hold his hand and kiss him. If you're important to me then who cares what other people think? A guy doesn't have to have model looks for me to fall in love with him, if he's a genuine guy who respects himself and the people around him then that's just as perfect :) I wouldn't say you're over thinking things, it's pretty normal to feel that way. Seeing the people around you taking part in all manner of things will make you wonder whether you should be doing them as well, and if you're not does that mean there's something wrong with you? And the answer is no! Everyone is different, everyone has different interests, preferences and ways they want to live their lives! Personally, I wouldn't change the way you are. In the long run those things that you've described about long term relationships and wanting to be more romantic than just going to a club, are very attractive qualities to find in a guy :)

    • Thank you so much for your answer lets just hope I bump in to girls who are like you :D

    • its just embarrassing when the girl wants pictures taken with you but rejects all of them and asks for it to be taken again because i look bad in each of them...

    • Aww I'm sure you'll bump into many girls who think just as I do :) and I understand that it's difficult not to let that go to heart, but I'm sure that's not the case in most circumstances. It may just be that they feel that they don't look good in the photo either and wish to take another. I'm sure that you are not the only one who feels that they aren't very photogenic, you're not alone when it comes to that, I know I feel the same way :)