I need help and this is the only place I can ask?

Okay I've been dating this girl for almost 5 years and early last year I lost my job as a builder.

Because of that my girlfriend works pretty much every day and money has become tight.

I hate not working and she knows that.
What she doesn't know is that now I'm not working a full time job I've been suffering from depression and we both stress each other out.

Sometimes I can't even get out of bed because I don't feel like I have a purpose.

She comes home every day dead tired and always makes a mess of the house and if it's not spotless when she comes home she crack's it at me because I don't clean every day.

She expects me to be a house bitch and she did even when I was working 80 hours a week plus and it gives me the shits.

I'm now working 30 hours a week for fuck all money and my job sucks.

But as of late she's been treating me like I'm worthless and won't ever achieve anything.

She came home tonight and basically asked me if I was thinking about leaving her because I wasn't in a good mood and started talking about how it's all because she's tired and I don't do enough so I have no right to leave.

I was never thinking about leaving but she always thinks I am and it's stressing her out and she's stressing me out and I don't know what to do about it.

I'd get a better job but honestly where I am no one has any work and the few that do won't hire me because I'm not part of the sporting clubs and I have no interest in it

I just wanna know how to fix everything...


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  • Hey sweet :)

    Firstly, you're in a relationship lol. You haven't been 'dating' for 5 years 🙈

    Things sound pretty stressful, sorry about that!
    It sounds from an outside point of view like you both need to sit down and really tell eachother calmly, open and honestly about how you're both feeling - sounds as if you're both just misunderstanding eachother and that neither of you knows how the other one is feeling.

    I'm sure if she knew how crappy she was making you feel she would be absolutely mortified, and I'm sure she has the way you view things all wrong.. A discussion could be good.

    Or even write letters to eachother if you can't make the words come out.
    Hope you're ok. Xx

    • It's just been stressful

      Ever since I lost my job she treats me like I'm just part of her property

      I can't be around her every single minute she's home because she's just full on frustrating

      I was gonna pop the question before I lost my job and couldn't pay for the ring...

      I have to be by myself a lot of the time because my depression makes nearly impossible to deal with people

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    • I've tried and she just finds something else to have a go at me for

    • I remembered you and your girl when I read this

      I don't know if it will make a difference. I hope it might somehow help though:


      Sorry about the other day. I would have insisted more in chatting with u if I wasn't busy.

      But Im here anyways if u wanna talk sometime.

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  • Welll mate it time to talk to your lady about how you feel! Tell her everything! You sound so stress and kinda of like me since i too am depressed and hate my job!

    • I just can't deal with it I hate my current job and my last job the boss put in the paperwork that I was fired for misconduct so he didn't have to help me find more work

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    • ohh... I mean maybe if she say with her parents and you have time to work and alone time at hime unwind!

    • Yeah it would be good

  • you should be honest about how you are feeling

    depressed people tend to hide it from the ones they love, but it never makes things better, it just delays the inevitable.

    You will have to tell her you are feeling depressed and the sooner the better. Im sure she will understand and now she can actually try and help you because she knows what is really going on.

    • She doesn't need more things to stress about :/

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    • I doubt it but I need to talk to someone about it

    • I will be here for a little bit longer.

      While im here i can listen, yes

  • Maybe tell her that you're suffering from depression. She needs to know that you don't want to leave her but you're having a hard time. Maybe then she'll understand that you cannot always do everything because depression isn't nice and it's not fair to be treated as if you're useless especially if you are depressed.