Dating my best friends ex, is that a dick move?

I've never had a girlfriend and she's told me she wants to meet up alone and said she wants to be my teacher (as I'm a virgin) and I really like her as well. But is dating my best friends ex a dick move?

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  • It all depends on how much you value your friendship. Personally I wouldn't. That's a boundary I'd never cross.

    Even if your friend is okay with it, there's a chance he'll feel differently after the fact. You could end up putting your friendship in jeopardy. You have to decide if his ex is worth that risk.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I don't care how attractive the dame is. I wouldn't let her come between me and a bro. And its common sense. Its awkward, because my best friend would've to see his ex more often than not. So yeah, its basically a bad, potentially disastrous move.

    • But what if he's ok with it and it doesn't effect our friendship?

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    • Fine then.

    • Thanks for the MHO.

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  • its against bro code

  • Under 18 I doubt it was anything serious just go for it.

    • Not serious in terms of long term and the future but was serious in terms of sexual

  • You owe it to your friend to talk about it first.

  • Yeah that's something you just don't do

  • I voted C. I don't think you need his permission exactly, but the reason they're not together probably matters.

    Like if she cheated on him with some other guy, you maybe shouldn't date her.

    If they just broke up because the relationship ran its course and don't hate each other now, it shouldn't be an issue.

    • Yeah, he felt they weren't similar enough so they kinda drifted apart but me and her are really similar. I think she started liking me because I acted as the shoulder to cry on when she was sad about it and I gave her advice.

    • I'm gonna tell you right now, she doesn't like you BECAUSE you were the shoulder to cry on. It's possible that she got to know you then and REALIZED you two were similar. But you can't buy a girl's attraction by doing nice things for her (not that you shouldn't ever do nice things, just... don't think it gets you anything directly).

      Neither of them screwed each other over they just both moved on. Can't see why you shouldn't date her.

    • Yeah :) and tbh I never spoke to her until I was the shoulder to cry on, it was our first communication really