Why do I keep dreaming about my ex all the time?

My ex and I haven't spoken or seen each other in almost ten months now. We had a really bad fall out
and as we're both quite stubborn, he decided to ignore me. I did the same thing, even though I still
wanted to talk to him. I reached out to him a couple of times but he ignored me. I then cut all contact with him. I think about him quite often though and wonder if he does the same. We've got a mutual friend who I've seen twice randomly (at events, clubs etc)
since our breakup.

I went to a New Year's Eve party the other day and as I was waiting in line I saw the mutual friend.
We said hi to each other and that was it. Since that night, I've been having constant dreams of my ex
boyfriend trying to reach out to me - e. g. texting me, sending me letters or trying to meet me at
events on purpose so that he could get a glimpse of me. I often wake up feeling happy that he's tried
getting in touch with me but then I realise that it was only a dream and we haven't spoken to each other
in ages.

I've naturally dreamt about him on and off since our breakup but these past few days it's been like
every night and it feels so real for some reason.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Dreams through association I'd guess. The mutual friend being the association. Unconsciously you may be wanting his love and the holidays maybe intensifying the feelings giving you the vivid dreams.

    • Yes, I agree with you. I started thinking about him a lot more during December/January because of the specific celebrations. I guess I kind of wished I could've spent them together with him. The friend being an association is also right.

What Girls Said 2

  • You never had proper closure. He'll continue to enter your subconscious until you do or meet someone new that fills that space in your head... And heart.

    • Thanks for your input :)

  • It's because you miss him that you're dreaming about him. He won't talk to you so you're creating contact with him in your dreams to feel better.

    • I think you're right :( thanks for your input

    • You're welcome!