Does a high-pitched male voice turn you off when you meet a cute guy?

You know, it's the David Beckham complex. They look great, say something, and the magic's gone.

So true...

How about for you?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • I tend to have an upward inflection when I talk at times, and my voice isn't as deep as it stereotypically should be, for being a husky black guy. :-P

    I tend to be an overall happy person, so maybe the upward inflection is because of my positive aura.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I can't stand Aziz because he is small and has a whinny high pitched voice. I tried to watch Master of None but the very first episode is him having sex with some woman and the condom coming off.

    I literally almost lost my lunch and had to turn it off. Yuck... 😖

    I'm not proud of myself for feeling this way but I have never found a male more repulsive than Aziz. 😐


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What Guys Said 2

  • A guys tone should be deep the reverse could be said about girls

  • it is called uptalk. you can google it.

    • No... That's just a rising inflection on the last words of sentences. I'm talking about pitch...
      You should probably google what pitch is...

    • it is the same thing, but guys do not talk with low tone. it is that what you mean.

    • You should probably consult google... Not the same thing at all...

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