Need help understanding women, talking to them, what to do when around them and why is my love life never getting better?

I dont know what im doing wrong and my confidence has been executed because:
1. Haven't had a girlfriend in over a year
2. All my friends are in relationships
3. I 3rd wheel a lot
4. Everytime i talk to a girl im ignored 85% of the time
5. I'm 5'5" not the tallest guy girls want
6. When i try to be nice im friendzoned and being a jerk made things worse
7. Tired of being disappointed and let down
8. Im tired of realizing or thinking im not worth it and being lonely is just me
please help me im so confused on what i should do


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  • Only thing you need to know about women, is that they do not act rationally.

    So don't try to see the logic in them. Focus on whatever the stupid obssession they're clinging.

    • But im not their obsession which is part of the problem