How much if self-conciousness a turn off?

I've been dating this guy for a month, but we've technically been together for about a month and a half. He's my first serious relationship, and he's amazing. He constantly tells me how beautiful, sexy, and perfect he thinks I am. And often says he wouldn't change a thing about me. But whenever we're together I hate when he stares at me, which he often does. And in bed when he stares at me I feel so vulnerable and I tell him not to, and he always says "why? I love looking at you." But I just can't stand it. I physically can't lay there and have him staring at my body.

I'm a slender girl I only weigh about 100 lbs and I'm 5'4. So it's not a weight issue, I just feel so uncomfortable when he stares at my breasts, butt, and so on. And when we go out to eat and sit across from each other I hate when he stares at me as well. Touching is not an issue (although it was in the beginning). I just hate being stared at, I picture all of my worst features standing out and him noticing them.

How can I get over this? And as a guy, would you eventually just not want to be with a girl who is like this? Even though she can't help it?


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  • I think its kind of cute in girls to be honest, and it is more of a turn on to me, than a turn off. I think too much confidence isn't good because then it gets hard to deal with her and her ego, and I love being able to talk to a girl when she is down and building her up, if a girl is confident and "already knows" she is attractive, smart, funny, etc etc, then why should I waste my breath telling her that? I have never met a girl that I said "she isn't confident enough", but I have met a couple girls that just came off as too confident, borderline cocky, who I just didn't like.


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  • He clearly loves you and your body, so you being self conscious isn't going to hug him much. x