How do you lose feelings?

So I'm 15 and this boy I likes 16. (17 in June) his mum thinks the age is too much my mum don't mind but he does drugs so she doesn't want me around it but I really like him and have for ages and I chill with him all the time. I wanna no how to lose feelings and stop chilling or avoid him isn't a option as even if I stop messaging him we have the same mates and he lives 3 doors down

He helps pull me out of my depression and stops me self harming and is the only person who offers to go places with me that my scars are on show like swimming for my diet.
And said wait till I'm 16 and we might start talking but I'm nothing special and he probably would find someone better by then


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  • Just try to understand that in your age, every human being is stupid and do your best to neglect your feelings.

    'Only in when you're calm, can you know whats good or bad'. Watch some Star Wars.


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  • You can't exactly lose feelings. Try cutting contact. That helped me a lot. Explain to your Friends that you don't want to be around him anymore. A lot of girls try and be angry at the guy, dunno if that works Haha x

    • I can't be angry at him when he makes me smile and by doing that I'm isolating myself again and that's whn I started cutting I go to them and they pull me out of my depression he's Also in my garden bit so my neighbour lol

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    • So if you have all the answers, why did you ask the question

    • I just don't no what to do about it

  • I dont think you can that wasy

    • Easy*

    • I wish I could he said wait till I'm 16 and we might start talking but he would have probably found someone and I'm nothing special

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