Weird moves on my crush, can anyone help me a bit?

Weird moves on my crush, can anyone help me a bit?

We only speak 1x per week, she doesn't prefer talk by sms, i also don't mind she have her freedom. I was on internship in school and her class lacked all, she came to see me and stayed up until she could. There was a class where the teacher is it is my mentor on my internship and she asked if she could watch my classes, he asked why and she said was because of me. Then he ask: why are you both in relationship? She just smiled. Did not say yes either no.

On Christmas week i made her a present, butter cookies with chocolate chips and i wrote her on paper saying: "Merry Christmas! When you are tasting this cookies, i know you're thinking on me the same way i'm thinking on you." and "Buy something is easy. But do.. I do all for you." I asked her where you wanna meet to give you your present? She said immediatly place wich we had lunch together. We went for the walk and when we got her home i gaver her the present, she opened immediatly and say: That's cute!! Give me a hug and kiss.

She said the cookies were amazing and very good, i asked her if she read the paper i gave her aswell. She replied: "Yes and Thank you for everything. <3 Merry Christmas. :)"

On New Year's Eve, me + her + one of my best friends + friend of her class meeted up all for the New Year, we saw the fireworks and when her friend and my best friend went bit in front of us i asked a kiss on my cheek, she we was really close to my cheek i turned my face to give on the mounth, Report
21h well.. i think i got on lip corner but she could dodge it, she immediatly said: "did not manage to!!" then i said: You really want me to do it? she said: noo... (Not sure if was joking or serious) after that i reacted completly normal like nothing happened and i did not try give her another one because i gave her space and respect, and sended her text message yesterday, wich she didn't replied...


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