Do outgoing and flamboyant girls ever go for low-key guys?

I'm a pretty low-key guy. I'm not really shy, I'm just not the most outgoing guy in the world. My lifestyle is fitness, so I spend a lot of time in the gym. I'm a very physical person by nature (I'm a former dancer) and I'm attracted to women who are physical as well.

Recenlty I've become very attracted to a woman who works at one of my gyms. She's a trainer and a group exercise instructor, and she's totally gorgeous. The thing is, she's very outgoing and flamboyant. She's known for wearing really crazy outfits that are outrageous and show off her amazing body. She's so flamboyant that a lot of guys are put off by it, probably because it intimidates them. I'll admit that it intimidates me, but her boldness only makes me more attracted to her.

My question is, are women like this ever attracted to more low-key guys? I pay a lot of attention to my physical bearing and maintain my body, so I'm totally physically confident, but when it comes to verbal expression, I'm just not. Is it possible that I might be able to develop a relationship with someone like my crush?


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  • Yes, there are outgoing women who can be attracted to low-key guys.