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I belong to a website similar to this one, where there are lots of subjects to ask questions on. It turned out that someone there ( a guy) answered one of my questions. He messaged me as well asking what was wrong with someone else's advice. Anyway there was nothing wrong, I explained the same woman was once very rude to me and I didn't bother giving her a "thumbs up" response and explained to him why in his private message to me. We got talking and I was curious about his fictional name, and we spoke a BIT. ANyhow it turns out he is not from the US, he is European and his job had sent him to my home state, for about 18 months to do something in a larger city near me. He also mentioned that he goes through the town I live in to get to another town close to me, to buy his wines (famous place here). I told him to be careful with the wine because they found out why it was so cheap--and he asked for my email to send him the article, and so I did. I have known this guy from the previous website which closed down, didn't really speak to him much till now. If he is so near, what I wanted to say was, why not go out to a movie or coffee, etc., because he kind of hinted being so close and being here for that long, so maybe he thought I'd say, hey, why not meet up? But I didnt--I just said I hoped he enjoys his stay in the states and wished him a happy new year. I didn't want to throw myself at him, or sound too eager to meet him but in reality, I wouldn't mind meeting (at an outdoor place and not in his car, etc). So I am old fashioned, I know, even at my age, and he is about my age as well. So should I have said or done to show I was interested, but not too eager sounding?


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  • You could have asked to meet up for coffee somewhere if interested


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