Guys, Would he be dating others if he wanted to be with me?

I dated a guy for a few months - we broke up for 8 months - now we have seen each other a couple of times and I hope we get back together. He is still in contact with other women that he has dated (since we broke up) though. He doesn't know that I know this (its on his Fbook). If he was interested in me, he wouldn't be seeing or have contact with other women though would he? Or is this normal given we've only had two dates together since we broke up? Should I tell him that I know about these others?

Yes, it's very recent and they were two consecutive dates. He said he wants to see me again as soon as he gets back (he's away at the moment). Even though I know he's chatting and seeing other women - should I just keep seeing him for a month or two and then see if he says he wants to get back together? I am pretty clueless of dating rules & my girlfriends say he shouldn't be chatting/dating other women now - - but I sort of understand why he is - because we aren't officially a couple.


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  • Umm an 8 month break up with only 2 dates wouldn't give me any reason to see there would be a reconsiliation on the horizon unless there is talks toward that that has not been added to your story. If the two dates is all the contact in the 8 months I wouldn't be sitting at home waiting and hoping personally