Have you ever verbally attack your partners ex. to your partner? due to insecurity?

I found myself doing so and its draining the relationship. then my boyfriend would do the same, say bad things about my ex.
why do we do these things?
have you ever done it? are you two still together? worked it out?


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  • Nope neither of us bring up the others past. This is the prime reason a say two people should never divulge their past to the other

    • i agree with you, i am new from it and he would ask me a lot about my ex. and would tell me a lot about his ex. (i don't know if it has anything to do with his profession). eventually i had to stop him. but the damage is done and i ould always compared myself to her... i don't know what to do.
      he has said stuff about my ex. but i am the one to tell him to stop talking about my ex. yet i can't stop being jealous of him and his ex...

      don't know how to work this out... any suggestions?

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    • His profession? I'm not sure how that would matter in asking about ones past

    • i sent you message

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  • Good question. Well - if this is frequent (and it's obviously poisoning the relationship), something needs to stop - the result is obvious. My first thought is that maybe each of you have not communicated your love and acceptance for the other. It could be that both of you are afraid/untrusting of the other and are trying to gauge how much they care, based off their opinion of past love, instead of openly asking/talking about it. I think you should ask him to sit down and then you share what you think/feel about how each of you have been hurtful/negative. Then ask him his thoughts/opinions. Try to keep the tension low and begin to verbally let him know how much you really do care about him (and/or feel that you need to reestablish a loving, healthy connection). Best of luck!! :)

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