Crush on friends sister, friend seems cool about it, still new, maybe I'm over thinking things?

So I made a friend a few months ago, we go out sometimes, have some stuff in common, both out of long relationships. Recently, he mentioned that when I meet his sisters, I will fall in love right away (just joking with me). He had me over for Christmas eve, I met her - and yes... i'm in love!! Again, at new years eve, he had me over. Both times we met, we chatted - got along. After we first met Christmas eve, we both new that we were the only 2 single people there - and while chatting about life and being single, she mentioned that dating sux! She was very nice to me, I was calm and a perfect gentleman. Then at n years eve party, i brought my little boy - again, we chatted here and there, had a smoke together, chatted a little more. At one point, while we were all sitting around laughing, she giggled about something and put her hand on my leg/knee for a couple seconds.
My friend has assured me thay it would be totally cool with him, we're all adults here. I didn't want to flirt or ask her out, because we JUST met, and I don't want to look needy or desperate. I hope we meet again soon. Should I ask my friend to help me out, maybe ask her what she thought of me? That sounds like some highschool stuff... I let her sister know that I thought she was amazing, and her brother knows that I am interested. If she is at all interested, they are probably talking amungst themselves, right? I hope she doesn't think that I'm not interested because I was a little shy, and didn't ask her for her # or anything - but I'm sure they would consider that I am being respectful, it's my friends sister and I don't really know them all that well yet. Is it too soon to be worrying about this yet, too soon to let her know that I like her. If I spill it to my friend that I'm going crazy thinking about her, he will definitely be cool with it, and maybe help me out. Not sure if I should though.


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  • I would thank your friend for inviting you both those nights and say how nice it was to meet his family. Tell him his sister is a great person and you where happy to get to know her. (At this point you have dropped a couple hints and hopefully he clues in and asks you if he would like to talk to her about you!). If not, make a comment to him that you found her very interesting and if she was ever interested you would like to call her.