Are you hesitant to message girls/guys with bland dating profiles?

I noticed as of late, whenever I look for matches to message on dating sites that I've been very selective with who I choose to message, which is probably a good thing, but it just seems like there's a lot of blank profiles where people literally just say ask.

Or they'll have very generic interests listed such as movies, hanging out, working out, driving, netfix, food, etc.

I've messaged a lot of those and it seems like all I can ask them is what do they like to do for fun and usually they get no responses anyways, not that I'm surprised. With the latter, if they have those interests listed, it's like what kinda movies do you like? Those are very fucking boring questions, that it just makes me wanna skip and move onto the next one.

I mean I don't expect a life story by any means but for fuck's sake, it's fucking hard to say something interesting when you have nothing to work with.

That being said, when you come across these profiles, do you message or just skip until you find someone interesting?

I think it's best for me to become more selective because I can't tell you how many dates I've had that have been boring as fuck due to lack of common interests or the other person not talking much despite physical attraction.


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  • I think people who say "just ask" should automatically get their profiles deleted by the matching service. Or there should be a complaint feature where you can report them for putting some loser answer such as just ask or the like.

    • Yeah and the funny thing is they wonder why they get so many bland messages and say they want meaningful conversation. I mean even if a girl doesn't share interests but has a decent amount of things on her profile, at least she's trying.

      When a person doesn't have anything, it's like what am I gonna ask them about? It's like hey how about the white sox when they don't even like baseball if you know what I mean?

    • I know exactly what you mean:)

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  • Yeah I know what you mean. I just skip them. If they have nothing to write about themselves they usually lack personality.

    • Indeed they do. Especially if they give one word answers and don't do much to further the conversation. You ever had dates like that and you're hesitant to see them again because you feel like you gotta write a list of questions prior to the date like it's an interview?

    • Yup. Might aswell try to date a phone answering machine.

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  • But when you come across someone in real life, that you don't know, you have next to nothing to work with. Any information could be helpful but I understand what you're talking about. Profiles that only say "just ask" are annoying and lazy.

    The difference between real life and online dating is that online you know that these people are seeking relationships, dates, or whatever. They're doing themselves a disservice when they don't put any effort into their profiles. Like, if you're not serious about online dating then gtfo. I think it's better to skip over profiles like that.

    • Very true as well, which is why I'm not good at approaching women in public. Shyness or fear of rejection isn't the problem but not knowing what to say when you know nothing about them, unless they're wearing a shirt of something I like.

      Yeah real life and online dating both have their pros and cons.

    • I'd say they're also doing themselves a disservice when they have nothing to add to the conversation and expect the guy to do all the work and claim them to be boring.

  • I'm nervous to message a girl period. Most of the time people don't talk back