Guys: Do you want a girl to be honest and clear about what she wants? Or does it read as pushy? When can it be fun to have some mystery and NOT know?

All great and true opinions, guys! :)


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  • The truth is guys aren't mind readers, we always want to know. As for being pushy that lies in the delivery not the act. For instance if its something sexual, start making out with him, then bite your lower lip tell him, "Ive always had this fantasy" then whisper in his hear what it is. As for "mystery" its not sexy its confusing as hell. If you dont know or want something new, ir want to feel mysterious, just say "surprise me." But if you do that dont be upset if the surprise isn't exactly what you wanted, a lot of women are like that.

    The only real exception is timing. For instance if you just start dating and start talking about marriage and kids, that will freak a lot of guys out. Guys still want to know, but braod strokes in the beggining, its more about getting to know each other.


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  • i'd want to know dealbreakers right away. No point dating, only to have her go "ewww", then run away.

    But the truth is nbody want the truth. They want the truth suiting their twisted view of the world.

  • I want a girl who is honest and upfront; it cuts down on the bullshit and is more efficient.


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  • No, no one truly wants that even though they claim they do. You have to be a diplomat.