I don't know if I am missing out?

I am going to be straight up, I am a virgin. I have gotten opportunities to go that extra step, but never really went the extra step. I just always told myself that I shouldn't be doing this and should wait, but I know girls would think I am a "square" if I don't try and do it. I don't know if I have been missing out on my life, by not doing that?


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  • If your true age is 30 then yes you are missing out on life. You need to see a CBT therapist and talk about interpersonal skills.

  • It doesn't make you square if your waiting on marriage. Don't do somthing that your uncomfortable with and you might regret.

    • People that wait until marriage get married really young. Either way if that's his deal waiting for marriage he needs to get in a path that makes marriage possible and it doesn't sound like he is on one.

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