Never really having a girlfriend?

Well even if I am not classifying these correctly, but I have never really had a long term relationship. The longest relationship was 3 months, but the girl was into another guy. I just have never been able to get a meaningful relationship, some how I have always kept trying. I have always been the one who is scared to approach women, I will say hello and get into a few conversations and the dates I have been on I don't really know how I have done that. There are a couple girls in the same graduate program that I find attractive, but a mixture of me being really afraid to ask them out, getting rejected/not working out in the end. On top of this I have been told to focus on my school work and not worry about that until I am done with my program and get a job. So I wanted to get help in terms of what I should do in this situation?


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  • Don't panic. Your time will come


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