Do shy guys ever get to that point where they send racy text messages to the girl they're kind of dating?

The thing is a super shy socially awkward guy told me had liked me. He waited 3 years actually. He was always very nervous in my presence and would blush all the time. I thought he'd be all sweet and nice but now our conversations over text are getting weirder and weirder. Full of sexual innuendos and even weird emojis.
Do shy guys ever do that? I mean we started going out last month... Was I wrong about him?


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  • He's just coming out of his shell.
    As he is feeling more comfortable with you


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  • 3 Years he's been pursuing you? For fucks sake show some god damn respect for the guy.

    • I had no clue he liked me. He told me he's had a crush on me for that long but couldn't bring himself to ask me out. You see, we had a few classes together But we've actually been on 2 dates so far. Don't you think it's a bit too soon?

    • Put more initiative into it! You should be much more concerned that it might be too late.

      Ask yourself this. If you weren't judged by anyone, not your family, not your friends... how far are you willing to take it right now? Where do you want to take this? You better state your intentions with him clearly right away.

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