How can I calm my girlfriend down when she's crying?

My girlfriend is upset because she was watching tv with her brother he scared her because he was watching a new show I don't remember the name of it but it was about people who survived a shooting in a store. She said there were these guys from another country who hated America so they decided to go in a store and hold about 40 people in it. One girl was pregnant the bad guy let her go to the bathroom she was tied up to other people she was cramping and she lost the baby. Then there were a mother and two young children crying he pointed the gun at them and told them to shut up or he'll kill the children. Then they played a game which was so stupid didn't make any sense the guys sepreated the people into two groups he played heads or tales they said heads they die or tails they'll die. Seriously what kind of a game is that. Her brother probably didn't know he upset her but now she's scared to go anywhere. Especailly with all the shootings that happened last year. She's afraid to go shopping she's afraid to go for a walk she's even afraid to go to the movies. She doesn't like staying in malls or stores very long anymore. Every time we go to the mall and we been there a while she asks her mom when can we leave. It's not because she's tired it's because she's scared. She doesn't know how to tell her parents she's scared. She also said that the girl on the show that lost her baby they took her outside and tells her to do something and he told her if you don't come back we will start shooting people starting with her family. Thank God no shootings have happened in our town or any other parts of the state we've been to. She hopes she never will be in this situation. She's terrified of guns. She doesn't even go hunting with her dad. Her brother probably didn't mean to make her upset it may be just a show but these are real people and real events. She said she's gonna have nightmares tonight. She's laying here beside me she's still upset with him. She said this is her biggest fear. How can I comfort her?


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  • It's understandable, I think a lot of people feel like that. The best thing is to tell her it's going to be okay, give her hug & rub her back. Tell her that she's not the only one who feels like that & that she can't live in fear cuz it only will cripple her from living life to the fullest.

    Even before the shootings & even now, we take risks eveyday just by waking up & going out into the world to start our day, we take risks getting in cars, swimming in oceans, & etc. Yes many bad things happen in the world but there is a lot of Good things that happen too, they just don't get notice as much as the bad. Also, have her watch some comedy movies to get her mind off. :)


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