Is your ex is still quick to anger with you, does it mean he still harbours feelings?

Pretty straightforward really. My ex can be very quick to anger with me at times. I often think, if he didn't care he'd be totally apathetic with me and I wouldn't be able to anger him anymore.

what do you say?

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  • Of course it's a sign.

    The opposite of love isn't anger, it's indifference.

    One of my ex's would become irrationally angry at me... she still had strong feelings.

    • Thanks for your opinion :) does that count though when you're texting and seem to say something that shouldn't be offensive, yet he gets offended/angry at it anyway?

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  • does the anger go as quickly as it comes?

    • It depends. Sometimes I can remedy it. Other times he is just so angry anything I say seems to make it worse. And he generally is very laid back and slow to anger. With me, it flares up very quickly.

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    • That's all you can do.

    • Yep, you're right.

  • what did you do too him?

    • Nothing to deserve him being so angry at me :( like, I'd never cheat or anything!

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    • and trust me if you do wait until marriage the guy you marry is gonna be a punk ass who won't defend you

    • we all have our own ideas and expectations for marriage and I base mine on what God says about it :). And no, I shouldn't have said that. It's not about money at the end of the day. Sure, tonnes of other girls have probably said that, but it should be easy to separate the cream from the dregs at the end of the day. If a guy isn't able to tell a genuine woman from a fake one, that's his problem.

      I wasn't raised like that? I just have my own expectations, and the right guy will meet and fulfill them. Don't see myself as special or anything else either, so that's just one big assumption right there!

      Ha, nah, you don't know me. I certainly won't be doing that. I know me. Who's to say I haven't been absolutely head over heels mad for a guy before and still not did the deed? Huh? As well as that, having a guy wait til marriage isn't a measure of his character and how he'll defend you either. Anyways, I'm not a damsel in distress and I am more than capable of standing my own ground.

  • I don't think it's a sign of feelings, I just know what buttons to push! hahaha

    • Ok thanks for your opinion :) I don't even TRY to make him angry, just seems to happen.

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    • He's being a bitch! lmao

    • Aww he sure is!! b

  • I don't know but my ex sure knows how to push my buttons and piss me off and not planning on getting back with a cheater

    • Thanks for insight :) it doesn't take much for me to push his buttons, although he is a very laid back kinda guy generally speaking.

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