How to a get a guy to call you more?

All he ever does is text. I hate texting honestly.


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  • You can tell him to call you instead of texting you. Give him an idea about which times/days you are much likely to be free to receive his calls.

    I personally like to call a girl and hear a voice over texting. Give him an option to call you via Skype so that his hand will be free from holding his phone up against his ear.

    • I asked him to FaceTime then I told him I hate texting. He said he was with someone so I guess we'll see if he calls. Should I stop talking to him if he keeps texting?

    • If you stop talking to him if he keeps texting, then you will not get anywhere with the guy.
      I think a better approach for you to get him to call you is for you to convince him why do you think calling is a better communicating tool than texting instead of bashing how texting sucks.

      Say something like it is more interesting to call and better to get to know each other or something along the line. Guys like it when girls want to get to know him.

      Please do not bitch over if you cannot get a guy to FaceTime/call you as there are so many reasons why.

      1. His family may be around and it could be awkward for his parents to overhear his conversation with you.
      2. He is busy with school work and that he cannot study and talk with you at the same time.
      3. He is busy with something else and will not be at this desk, such as woodworking, practicing instruments, playing sports, playing video game, basically, you name it!

    • He is a study abroad study so his family isn't here, he doesn't work and he has a few weeks off from school. He's been home for like a week due to the weather.

      I was kind of teasing him about calling me but he still has yet to call.

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  • just tell him you'd love to hear his voice and would rather have a flowing conversation than a constantly written out one where emotive tone is lost. men should seriously understand that we women have needs too -.-