Should I keep texting this guy?

Me and this guy met on a dating site and we hung out and had a drink, and chilled had a good time, and then we kinda kissed then after that we hung out a bit more then he's like "do you want me to walk you home" and i said "okay if you want to" then we were walking and on our way he's like "do you want anything to eat" and I said "no I'm okay" then we just continued walking till we got to the street car where he would get on to go home and he said "i had a good time, maybe I'll see you soon" he also said he liked kissing me but it's been about a week and we haven't really talked and he hasn't asked me to hangout or anything, he doesn't even message me first, the only time we talk is if I message him first. What should I do? Should I just ignore him or message him again? I like him by the way

  • Ignore him
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  • Keep talking to him (messaging him first)
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  • He likes you (as a friend or it could be more)
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  • He doesn't like you, just ignore him and move on
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I'm also thinking about asking him to hangout again, should I do that?


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What Guys Said 2

  • Funny how all the girls who answered this said that he doesn't like you or just to ignore him and all the guys said to talk to him. He probably is interested in you, he may have just felt like it didn't go well or he may be waiting for you to text him. Talk to him!

    • I did try to talk to him but he only talks when I text him first. I'm thinking of texting him saying "me and my friend were supposed to go to the movies but she can't make it anymore so I was wondering if you wanted to go" should I say that?

  • You should keep texting him

    • Okay but wouldn't I annoy him? And im thinking about asking him to go to the movies as friends do you think I should do that?

    • Send him nudes and see how he responds

    • Noo I'm not doing that

What Girls Said 1

  • You should ask try one more time and if the situation doesn't change, you should take a step back.

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