Girls, What does it mean to "take it slow"?

Okay so I met this awesome girl and we've been on a few dates and text back and forth just about every day give or take like one day as we're both busy. She and I have both been hurt before a few times so we were talking and she said she wants to take it slow for now just to make sure she's comfortable around me. I'm totally fine with this but there's also a part of me that doesn't want her to lose interest by me not making any moves on her. I'm not out for sex and I told her that but I also don't want it to be the same situation as I've had in previous relationships where it looks like I'm not into them because I don't try to get them into bed quick. To me sex is just a benefit of a relationship, not the focus. I would rather get to know the person and have sex after we're both connected to each other than just to meaninglessly jump in bed one night. Anyway, I'm a really open person and I hate hiding anything from people that I'm with (dont' care giving them my phone password or letting them use my phone as there's nothing to hide, will answer almost any question, etc) and I want to tell her where I'm coming from like I listed above. As a girl, what would you think to getting a text like that? I would write a little more but something along the lines of "I'm willing to wait until you're comfortable and ready but I don't want you to think I've lost interest if I don't make any moves on you." I told her already that I'm not out for a hookup but I know girls hear that a lot from guys.


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  • Let her set the pace and wait for her to give you cues to let her know she's ready

    • I'm totally okay with going at her pace, I'm not in any rush. But should I tell her what I said above about how I don't mind but I don't want it to look like I lost interest?

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