Where are all the guys?

I'm a junior at a big university, I'm involved with the campus newspaper and radio station, I'm really fun and outgoing and excited for life. there's one problem...i don't have a guy.

i have NEVER had a boyfriend, just random hook ups and flings.where am I going to find a boyfriend after I graduate? that's right, I'M NOT GOING TO!

what is the matter with me? is it my looks? personality? or just me overall? I don't have many friends here--and the ones I am friends with (guys) are all taken or I'm not interested in/they're not interested in me. I don't party @ my university because I go home like every weekend to work and party.

seriously what is wrong with me...i am really lonely and I need someone.and I'm beginning to think that will never happen. :( help.


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  • (This is meant to be constructive, please don't take offence)

    Your looks are reasonable, personally I think they are average with a few brownie points. Girls with meat are lucky, trying to gain muscle is much harder than trying to lose fat. If you want to have men drooling at your ankles for the way you appear- hit the gym as frequent as you can. It sounds like your a busy girl, so that won't be for the faint hearted.

    Your mindset is rather bothersome "i don't have a guy now, so when I graduate I won't have one either".. Personally I would frame you as a girl that is emotionally unstable in a few minutes of these things hitting back to back, which doesn't "seal your fate" but it doesn't help your situation either. Try to keep these things as discreet as possible, talk with your friends about things to do in the meantime to distract you from men. Afterall, relationships can cause a lot of drama anyways.

    Your personality is superb- being busy / trying to fix something as a forseen problem / etc- these things make for a very strong potential partner; however, even the best things can use improvement. Try to fit in less partying and more hobbies. Snowboarding / Skating / Camping / Swimming / etc... All those hobbies lure in more opportunities for men.

    I hope it helps~



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  • If you want to meet a lot of nice guys, who are long term potential, who will likely make a lot of money, etc, etc. Take up something like ballroom dancing. I don't know where you live, but in the DC area there is a huge college / post-college ballroom crowd that is very social, and full of wonderful guys and girls. I personally know several marriages that came out of it. Most guys in ballroom are into tech fields and will make a lot of money after they graduate. So I would recommend looking there. It's a great hobby, not full of partying, and full of a lot of nice people.

  • Well, beyond being panic driven it's probably none of the above. You just haven't found your guy and I'd start worrying if I were say 25, for now you're just a Junior, you're not in any particular danger of graduating ( you have 2+ years ) and if you really need the boost just join clubs and see if you can get someone eye.

    Considering you've managed hook-ups I doubt it's your looks, personality, etc.

    • Um yea I only have a semester after this left.graduating early. =not good.

  • Well if you found the time to have random hookups and flings, surely you can find the time to learn more about finding a guy. At least one that's willing to be with you for you. Sorry, its just, your actions speak louder.


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