How soon is too soon to propose to my girlfriend?

I have been dating my girlfriend for 4 months and just found out my national guard unit is deploying in 2017. My girlfriend and I are both seniors in high school but she skipped her junior year. Should I propose after I get back from AIT or before I ship to it? We talk about getting married all the time. I know we haven't been together that long, but she is my world. When I got back from BCT I never thought I Would find such an amazing girlfriend. She means the world to me and can't wait to spend forever with her.


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  • You are in high school, and it's been four months. No reason to rush.

    Why the rush?

    Are you thinking that if you don't propose, she won't stick around through your deployment?
    Because she fails as a girlfriend, if you are thinking that.

    If she is doing her job, then you should be secure that she will be there for you. Ring or no ring. And then you do what YOU want to do, on YOUR timeline.

    If you feel "pressured" to propose... don't. Don't do it. She will know, and, nope. Not good.

  • In my opinion, that's way too early. I know you probably feel like you are perfect together. But it is likely you're still going through that "honeymoon phase" where everything just seems perfect and you want to spend your life together forever etc etc... give it more time, a lot more time.

  • Four months is way too soon. I think you should wait and see how you both handle the long distance


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