Girls, what would be your reasons for asking a guy u barely know out? Means your interested?

So my co-worker asked me out to a concert today, i felt it was so out the blue! She has previously iniatiated conversation but its all been very small talk just a couple times so barely knowing each other so im very curious to know if she's interested to hook up or just a friendly outting?


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  • She might just want a friendly outing, but by the way the date goes; she could want more. You'll know once the night is nearing the end. I say go, you'll have fun either way!

    • Yea true I guess I was just kinda surprised wasn't expecting it but thanks appreciate the advise

  • she might just want to get to know you better. Like maybe durring one of those conversations she thought that you would be fun to talk to and wanted to know more about you.