She's going hot and cold?

So my question is, this girl I've been dating has recently been going hot and cold in terms of affection. Somedays she seems really interested talking about or relationship, other days she turns really cold and becomes quite harsh and uncaring. She's going through a rough patch at the moment apparently as she's says she has been doing a lot of thinking about a previous relationship that was abusive and its bringing her down. So is she losing interest? Or is she just being unstable?

She's asked for some time to herself, I haven't heard from her in 3 days which isn't like her. Im not trying to make contact, just going to let her come to me now basically. We haven't had a fight or anything, she just said she needs time.


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  • She's probably fighting her feelings about getting too close to you or too attached to you since she has been hurt in the past. Her feelings start to get deeper or more intense, then she remembers what happened with the other guys, then she gets scared or self protective and simply backs off probably with a negative attitude as well.

    • That pretty much sounds like what she's doing. As she does have an attitude when she gets like this. She hasn't spoken to me in 3 days which really isn't like her, so im already expecting the worst from it lol.

    • Just remember her negativity is because of her own personal turmoil and nothing to do with you. Just remain a stand up guy and eventually she will forget her past.

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  • Unstable and just unsure what can be installed for her around the corner. I think she just wants to feel safe within a relationship, if she chooses to get into another one. With you, I'm unsure. She is just scared of the unpredictable future ahead of her. Some of us are, in all honesty


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