Are he and I friends with benefits if we just meet up to have sex?

We are both 21. We both hadn't had sex for months. We go to different colleges. But we met; we are very attracted to each other. We had sex. It was 👌👌👌👏👏 so great. We both enjoyed ourselves. I asked him if he wanted to do it again. And now we have plans to meet up tonight and later this week. But it's for sex. We may talk for a little but the goal is the sex. He isn't seeing anyone else, nor am I. Is it true that friends with benefits ends badly because someone always gets attached? I don't care to get to know him *now* but who knows later. Is this a bad idea?


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  • Sex? Friends? Lol

    • What is your point lol

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    • I think you have a sexual emotional relationship with him but without love right? 😃

    • Yeah

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  • It's a booty call


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  • That's not friends with benefits that's a f buddy/ booty call.

    • lol okay I'm fine with that. What's the difference?

    • Friends with benefits usually hang out

    • He wants me to come over earlier and take me to dinner and whatever but I don't really want that?

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