What do I say if we met on tinder?

I am going on I guess my second date today :D (This might be the one!) and she wants me to drive up to where she lives. The thing is I keep thinking what I would do if the parents asked where we met... As I like to prepare for things. (her mom also teases her like "ooo are you texting Grant again?")

Also, what activites do you think we should do? She just said we will play it by ear.


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  • Just try to be relaxed if you meet her parents and just say hello in a way a gentleman would do.

    Next to that; because it is a first date, you should go to a attraction park or go to the movies? Maybe take her out for dinner and then watch netflix xD

    • lol this is my second date with her, I guess technically this is my 3rd date ever haha, it dosn't bother me but i keep thinking of that scenario haha

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    • Well go to an attraction park xd and yeah that is good, but dont go too far unless she hints to it

    • now the mission is to understand the hints lolol

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