This guy keeps asking me out when I already have the guy of my dreams. What do I do?

He won't leave me alone! It got bad enough that i told him i moved but he saw me at school. I need help I've tried everything


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  • lmao, he won't give up, you might as well give in. hahahaha

    • I can't I love my relationship. plus this guy is a triplet and I forgot his name and I can't tell them apart so I have no clue if its three separate ones asking me out or one asking me out multiple times

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    • I think they're probably just messing with you, it is kinda funny. The more bothered by it you are the more they'll do it. So just stay chill and they'll get bored and leave you alone.

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  • Tell him again but make it very clear that you are not interested. If that still doesn't work throw away manner and tell him to back the f*ck off. Tell a trusted adult or friend if you feel uncomfortable.

    • I have. I told m parents and they laughed

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    • To a degree it is. It may not seem like it, but you're in a situation where you are getting unwanted attention. Even after multiple times telling him off, he still persues you. That's harassament.