He used to be famous. Should I date him?

There's a guy, a musician, who used to be famous in the 90s and hasn't really been too famous since. I met him at a party a few months ago and we've been talking. He's also 20 years older than I am but I still find him very attractive. I wanted to know if I should give him a shot. I'm not really experienced in dating. I'll be 26 next month (ignore my age listed on here it's wrong) but I haven't been with many men. I am not only a fan of his work but I just find him so attractive. I think about him all day long and I want him so bad. I just don't show it. I try to act I phased but I'm always googling him and trying to find out stuff about him. There's not much on his dating life. He was linked to one very famous woman. The other woman were just regular women. He has kids, I don't mind. I have a son. It's not even that he was famous that appeals to me. It's him. I'm just scared I might be getting myself into something bad. Should I go for it?


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  • do it. i've dated famous actors (around the same age) and don't regret it. it's a nice lifestyle.

    • The age difference and his wealth intimidates me. I'm barely out of college and i grew up poor. What's it like dating someone famous or in my case, he used to be. I don't think he'd be recognized all the time anymore, except in certain places in the USA

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    • can't say on here sorry

    • thank you
      hope it works out

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  • "I'll be 26 next month (ignore my age listed on here it's wrong)" by the way it just says 25-29 because your anon so its okay ;) and secondly... I mean if the option is there then yes go for it, its okay to not be a fan of his work as you're not going to potentially be dating his fame life, but him as a person.