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The guy I've been seeing on n off is confusing me , we slept together last night and I noticed a women's name come up on his phone I told him to answer but he says it's his cousin he even swore on his kids life's it was his cousin , I noticed there were 4 missed calls on his phone this morning I upped and left I was upset , he kept on calling me etc. He lives over a hour away from me and he said he wouldn't drive all that way if he had someone else !! I don't no what to believe , I like him but I've asked him over n over and he he swears on his kids life's he isn't seeing anyone but me , how do I go about this? He's still on the dating site !! I nee some advice on what to say to him?


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  • jesus christ. the dude said it was his cousin. you're the 1 who keeps asking about it and making a big deal of it. why would he answer his phone when he's having sex with you?


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  • Well do you trust him? Since you're not in a relationship he does have the right to keep his options open (and so are you) by using dating sites for example. If you're not okay with this and want to take things further with him then tell him that. Right now you are overreacting over a female name on his phone. Relax.

    • We have slept together 3 times ! He's confusing me I asked him straight out and he always says just chill

    • Asked him straight out about what?

    • He's not who he makes out to be !! I'm looking for a relationship and he knows this , I ain't having him keep me around as a option anymore

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