Can girls tell if we were just accepting any girl as gf?

just for the sake of having a sexual relationship and well not being alone.

I only had one relationship but it only lasted about 3 months; that's when I found out I was just a rebound to her. We only got to do it twice so now it's been more than a year since being single again.

That's the only reason I don't care too much if a girl were to have a high past. I really don't have too many options and I know I'm not handsome either (apart from not being naturally outgoing nor ever learning how to make a girl laugh, I used to suffer from facial acne and issues with my weight; worked it out but I still have a couple scars remaining from the acne).


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  • Don't date a girl just to have a girlfriend; that makes you seem way more desperate than waiting for a girl you actually like.
    Plus, you might not meet a girl you actually like if you're just dating any girl that will date you


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