Should I kiss him?

Ok there this guy I went out with for ever and he moved out of the state but I am in love. There is no way I can see him I have no car. I want him but I have a boyfriend, I like my boyfriend but I can't get over this other guy and it bother my boyfriend I think but I never can stop thinking about him. And he is coming to visit and I want to kiss him so bad but will that make my boyfriend mad or what?

should I kiss him anyways cause I never see him.?



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  • Well if you kiss this other guy it'll be a dagger in your current boyfriends heart. I think he'd rather you tell him you have stronger feelings for this other guy, than live in the shadows not knowing what you're up to.

    If you do kiss this other guy, you will be cheating on your boyfriend, I just want to make sure you know that. It is possible you have a crazy physical desire urge for this guy that once its filled you won't want it anymore, but I think you just never got over this guy. Is your current boyfriend maybe a replacement for him?

    If you really like the long distance guy did you ever try a long distance relationship? I mean if you reaaallly like him you can make it work. Send lewd pictures, erotic chat, heh, there are ways.

    So ask yourself.

    1. Who do I like more.

    2. Will I cheat on my current boyfriend?

    3. Will I break up with my current boyfriend before I go crazy with my old one?

    Also, does your old boyfriend feel the same way, is he coming back to get his freak on with you? (sorry for the...crude language heh).

    Hope you can work this out and updating your question with answers to mine would help everyone trying to help, including you! :)


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